Happy Holidays WRR


All gets better and better as we adjust to our new and amazing life!
I think when you get a diverse group of older adults who realize this stage of life is a gift…kindness and generosity become the norm. We’ve done what we had to do….now it’s time for us to reap the harvest while finding ways to continue to touch other lives. Glorious!
Really…..making a difference and having LOTS of fun doing it!

AND….Solivita is now officially in the GUINESS BOOK OF RECORDS! We made the WORLD’S LARGEST ICE CREAM DESSERT ….and Bonnie was an official scooper! It’s all on “you tube”!

The Holidays feel VERY different in 80 degree weather!
Solivita does a remarkable job in celebrating EVERYTHING, so the festivities have already begun. A parade of decorated GOLF CARTS and singing Carols and lighting a tree right next to a Menorah! 2000 cookies and hot chocolate made the evening delightful…and delicious!

I wish you all a Blessed and Joyful holiday season wherever you are.
Stay safe and HUG each other!

Much love….


August 31, 2014

Clearly, like clockwork, I find myself thinking about all of you at the beginning of every month!  I am totally programmed to write my monthly letter!!!!

It’s not quite a month, after a move from HELL, and Bonnie and I finally are beginning to settle in to our lovely new home! It’s been a bumpy, but exciting adventure and I am just beginning to feel at home.

Thanks to all my amazing “helpers”…..you know who you are!….I got rid of so much stuff, in every category, that I’ve been on an ongoing shopping spree!  Loving every minute of that!!

The hardest part is the tremendously steep learning curve.  Where are the grocery and furniture stores, restaurants and activities, etc. and how do you get to them?  Which roads go where???  Who are all these strangers and why are they all on the roads at the same time??  How do I register my car…and where…and how do I get there??  Doesn’t anyone deliver PIZZA???  The list goes on and on!

The good news is that I can finally get myself to Lowes without getting lost….and I have a Florida driver’s license.  The bad news is I haven’t found anyone who DELIVERS FOOD OF ANY KIND!!  But, I haven’t lost hope.  Bonnie has met some friendly Solivita residents at the pools and I have found the Mah Jongg players….who know ALL!!!  And the restaurant at the Clubhouse is terrific!

Solivita is BEAUTIFUL!!!  And it has everything that can keep an active, over 55’er stimulated and busy…or not!  Your choice, no demands!  Feels like WRR and sleep-away-camp rolled into one!!!

So far, in addition to playing Mah Jongg and exploring the pools, I’ve attended a yummy community breakfast, been to 2 movie nights….free with popcorn and lemonade included…will register for Lifetime Learners this week and will attend a literary lecture by Jess Walter who will speak about his book, THE ZERO.  Haven’t even begun to scratch the surface!

As many of you know, I was looking for a diverse community…and I found it!  There are clubs organized by Koreans, African Americans, Bible Club, Haddassah, Republicans, Democrats, Disney Lovers, Golfers….the list goes on and on!  I am even welcome at the ITALIAN club, although it’s the love of the food that qualifies me!  The New England Club and the Travel Club are the familiar ones I plan to explore as soon as I come up for air!

I’ve heard the summer in Connecticut has been unusually cool and, according to my Florida son, the summer here has been unusually hot.  Bad timing!!  But, my new best friend, “Ben the Bugman” told me that if I wait just a few weeks I’ll realize that I am in Paradise!!  To be continued!!!

WRR…and all of you…remain very present and in my heart.

Hugs and much love….



Greetings from Solivita


August 25, 2014

As I write to you, I hear the sounds of hammering and clanging as PLANTATION SHUTTERS  are being installed!  Can now check that off my bucket list!  Fun!

Was playing Mah Jongg on Saturday…for the first time here…and heard “bucket list” all around me, although nobody used the term.  Women mentioned cruises and trips they were looking forward to and what they were finally able to focus on and create.  Finally, one woman announced very strongly that all she wanted to do at this point in her life was PLAY!  Everyone else was “making a difference” and she had done that!  OK.

So…clearly…there is enough in this community to keep her…and everyone else…satisfied.  I hear over and over again, “if you’re bored here…it’s your own doing”.

Bonnie and I are surely not bored!!!  This is such a HUGE learning curve….in all ways….that we’re only beginning to get a taste of activities and the community itself.  Just finding the right roads to get us wherever we want to explore is a challenge!  Getting cars registered and getting our Florida drivers licenses took days!!!  Best for Bonnie is that she can easily swim every day, if she likes, in any of the 14 pools and spas!

Think of you often when I am considering….hmmmm….Shalom club, Travel club, New England club, Solivita Book Circle, Democratic club, Lifetime Learning…and the list goes on!!  What we’re sure we’re doing at this point, is attending a lecture on 9/9, by Jess Walter, on his book, THE ZERO.  What have you heard??? There is also a Skype interview with Roberta Rich on 9/8 that sounds tempting!  Free current movies and Popcorn on Thursday evenings is fun although it conflicts with the MARTINI BAR event!!!  So many choices…and we haven’t even begun!!!  Friday morning, we’re going to a Community Brunch which should give us more of a sense of the community.  

ONLY complaint…so far….is lack of good, fun restaurants nearby.   AND, food at the Grille, in the Clubouse is delicious.  C’est la Vie!!!


My love to everyone and please know I really enjoy your notes and emails.


August, 2014

Hello from steamy Solivita!

I am hot and tired AND thrilled to be part of this incredible community! As my son commented, “It’s like going to camp and not having to do anything but whatever makes you smile”!

This really IS WRR times a lot!! And the diversity, kindness and warm welcome from EVERYONE have made the stresses of moving so much easier….and it’s still exhausting.
No time yet to participate in anything more than exploring my new surroundings and getting lost over and over again…..but the beauty of the sky and the lush plantings take my breath away.

Our new home is lovely EMPTY…..but Bonnie and I are THRILLED to finally have our “stuff” coming Tuesday, Aug 5, along with my daughter Loryn to help us sort it all out. We are anxiously looking forward to “life after moving”!

I want you to know that you are along with me on this adventure! You are each a thread in this tapestry of my life and I would be a very different person had you not added your uniqueness to the mix. Thank you!

And to the WRRers who stood and gave me a standing ovation at our last meeting…..I will never forget that moment….AND I applaud you right back! I couldn’t have done it without you.

Please stay in touch and be well and happy!
All Blessings and Love….